« Travelling through memories, generations and cultures ». – ENGLISH MEETING – December 2019


On Thursday, 12th. December 2019, the 3rd year students from the European class met two English-speaking speakers.

On the initiative of Mrs. Decroo, Mrs. Eilish Druet, a retired English trainer in an engineering school in Rouen and Mr. Mathias Lieberman, a 24-year-old American student came to Jeanne d’Arc to meet the students.

In working groups made up of a speaker, an English teacher from the school, Mrs. Decroo or Ms Gesbert and students, everybody spoke about the notion of TRAVEL.

Before the meeting, the students had worked on the famous quote from Mark Twain in class: « Travel is fatal to racism, bigostry and narrow-mindedness« . So, they were able to ask pre-prepared questions to the speakers.

Around a snack then, each person talked about personal experiences and people took advantage of the opportunity to reveal their dreams.

That was a very appreciated experience because the students were able to express themselves orally,  they met and spoke with an outside audience and discovered different accents.

            LOVELY TO HAVE MET YOU, Eilish and Mathias !

            Mathias Lieberman :  «They are super good over here. It was a pleasure to meet your class. »

            Eilish Druet : « It was a reald pleasure Cecile. I enjoyed it so much and felt with both groups we could have continued for ages… As the ice had been broken and young people were ready to let themselves go ! Till we meet again – as the song goes – lovely to have met you ».


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